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Being a part of her community has proven to Blu Burke all her clients are creative people, capabale of dreaming big for their self expression. As a tattooist, she collaborates with others in a professional, lively environment. Blu also designs temporary tattoos-- a safe option for the cool kids!

Blu Burke is a surreal artist who believes in colorful, unique creations. Beauty grows and prevails in the mysterious depths of nature. What lives in the unknown sparks the deepest curiosities.

She is based in Sacramento and works primarily in the tattoo, acrylic, and digital medium. She professionally tattoos at Neon Tiger Tattoos by appointment. Neon Tiger Tattoo is located at 2737 Riverside Blvd. Sacramento 95818. If you're interested in a tattoo consultation, Contact Blu About a Tattoo

Blu Burke was born in 1991 in Sacramento, is a Roseville High School alumni, and lived in Germany from 2010-2015. It was there she learned how to tattoo as well as the German language. Upon returning to Sacramento, she went after her Associates in Illustration at Sierra College. In her spare time she enjoys attending art nights, backpack camping, weight lifting, and spending quality time with her beloved reptiles.